Wedding Cake Made Of Cheese

Costco is selling a 24-pound wedding ‘cake’ made entirely of cheese!

Brides magazine claims Costco is selling a five-tier wedding cake made of gourmet cheese from around the world. The base is made of a medium cheddar while the other layers are a mild blue cheese, a drunken goat cheese, a nutty-flavored cheese and a creamy brie. The cake weighs 24 pounds and serves up to 150 people. It sells for $440.

If you have the “Cake of Cheese” at your wedding be sure to play hip-hop music at the reception, because apparently that’s what cheese prefers.

A study by Bern University of the Arts reveals that playing hip-hop music while making cheese has a positive effect on the taste. Nine wheels of the same cheese were placed in separate wooden crates and exposed to various musical genres. The cheese that was exposed to songs by A Tribe Called Quest was later identified as fruitier and tastier than cheese that was exposed to Led Zeppelin.

Researcher Michael Harenberg says; “All the energy is directly resonating inside of the cheese.”

Taste-tester Benjamin Luzuy adds; “The differences were very clear, in term of texture, taste, the appearance. There was really something very different.”