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Huntsville’s newest park is set to open its doors in 2022 — and by park, we mean amphitheater!

Ryan Murphy, President of Huntsville Venue Group and the mastermind behind the amphitheater, met with http://www.huntsvillemusic.com to fill us in on the big things ahead for Huntsville’s amphitheater. It’s a project that’s been two years in the making and which, as of October 2020, has been officially green-lit by Huntsville city.

“It’s going to look like nothing you’ve seen before,” Ryan promises, his excitement contagious.

Check out https://huntsvillemusic.com/huntsville-amphitheater-park/ for the full article!


Wanda Band is the latest Huntsville band you need to know!

Wanda Wesolowski, front-woman of eponymously named Wanda band, is the queer girl-next-door you wish you had, and the latest musical artist to have Huntsville’s ears perking up.

At just 25 years old, the 256 native has recently dominated the Huntsville music scene with the release of her debut album, One-Hit Wanda, a self-explanatory double entendre. She and her band – comprised of guitarist Jasen Tehan, keyboardist Bransen Edwards, drummer Nick Recio, and bassist Andrew Sharpe – got together in 2019, though Wanda has been gigging around Huntsville solo for the last ten years.

She got her start playing wherever she could – Bridge Street Town Centre, Diaper Drives, Panoply – and was well-received by her hometown.

So what made her form the Wanda band instead of just continuing on as Wanda?

Click the link below to find out!



The Weeknd Still Not Being Asked to Participate in Grammys 2021, Interim Chief Confirms

The 2021 Grammys were postponed from January 31, 2021 to March 14, 2021, and the interim Grammy chief Harvey Mason Jr. has given an interview about the move.

The change was made due to rising Coronavirus cases in the United States and specifically, in the Los Angeles area.

“Doing it on January 31st, with the numbers and what was happening in L.A., just didn’t feel like the right move,” he said to Variety.

If you don’t remember, The Weeknd, who had one of the biggest albums of the year with Blinding Lights, was shut out of the nominations. At the time, The Weeknd called out the Grammys as corrupt. He also claimed the Grammys and him had been planning a performance for weeks at the time of the snub.

Now, Harvey was asked if The Weeknd would be more involved in the show now after all this controversy. He responded, “Not that I’m aware of.”



These Will Be the Top Baby Names of 2021

Even if you’re not expecting a baby of your own soon, we highly recommend speculating about baby name trends as a way to launch the new year. The newborns of 2021 will represent so much hope to us all, won’t they? Thinking about their arrival, who they’ll be, and what their parents will name them is going to be a form of pleasant meditation with which we’ll start January.

While there are many parents who choose their names based on family members or long-held traditions rather than trends, no one names their kids in a complete vacuum. That’s why name experts like Jennifer Moss, founder of BabyNames.com and co-host of The Baby Names Podcast, can make some predictions about which names will become popular this year. Current events influence names in ways both subtle and obvious, as she’s already seeing in the names people mark as favorites on her site.

“We’re seeing a rise in god and goddess names, like OdinPersephone, Athena, Freja, Apollo and Adonis,” Moss told SheKnows. “That seems to be part of the ‘power names’ phenomenon. We’ve talked on our podcast about the ‘tough’ names trending like Maverick, Axel, and Rogue. Then there are the weapon names like Remington, Colt, and Blade, so the gods and goddesses fit. We believe parents want to instill the characteristics of power and strength into their children, because we feel powerless during these times, which feel out of control.”

Along those same lines, Moss thinks people are opting for Biblical names because they’re leaning on their faith in a difficult year. Ethan, Benjamin, Gabriel, Elijah, Levi, and Lucas are Biblical boy names on the rise right now. On the girls’ side, Abigail, Hannah, Naomi, Elizabeth, Delilah, Leah, Esther, and Lillith are trending.

That’s not to say that parents are just going for the classics. There are those who can’t bear for their kids to have the same names as everyone else.

“Parents are still becoming more and more creative in baby naming, using alternate spellings of more common names and creating names from combining two names, like Avonleigh,” she said.

Another trend that’s been popping for the past couple of years that we can look to continue is the use of Spanish and Italian names — Hilaria Baldwin isn’t the only one who likes the sound of these monikers that have nothing to do with her own heritage. Back when the Social Security Administration’s baby names list of 2019 came out last fall, Moss talked to us about this, too.

Mateo at 26 [on the SSA list] is signaling a new trend of Italian/Latinx names, like Luna, Gianna, Giovanni, Lorenzo, and Enzo,” Moss said. “I predict that will be more prevalent in the next one to three years. We’re seeing these on both sides of the charts. For girls: Ximena, Catalina, Kataleya, Selena, and Daleyza. For boys: Alejandro, Maximiliano, Rafael, Francisco, Eduardo, and Fernando. Very romantic and elegant!”

In 2020 we saw two celebrity moms, Eva Amurri and Nikki Bella, name their sons Mateo/Matteo. BabyCenter.com also pointed to Mateo and Gianna as popular names of 2020.



ICYMI: Harry Styles Unveils Mood-Lifting ‘Treat People With Kindness’ Video


Just when you thought Harry Styles couldn’t elevate the Fine Line era to any greater heights, the Brit goes and releases an instantly iconic visual for “Treat People With Kindness.” Directed by Ben and Gabe Turner, the black-and-white clip finds our hero tearing up the stage in an old-time nightclub. He then descends into the audience, dancing on tables and eventually bumping into Fleabag star Phoebe Waller-Bridge. They then return to the stage for an adorable, roles-reversing dance routine.



Katy Perry’s ‘Not the End of the World’ Video Features Zooey Deschanel [VIDEO]

Any internet list from the past decade-plus of celebrity pairs who look like each other wouldn’t be complete without a mention of Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel. For years, the two have been compared to each other, and now Perry has cleverly made use of that with her new video for “Not The End Of The World.”

The single comes from Smile, Perry’s sixth album, which she released this summer. It also appears on her recently released Cosmic Energy EP.



Ed Sheeran Ends His Quiet 2020 With a Surprise New Song, ‘Afterglow’ [VIDEO]

Almost exactly a year ago, Ed Sheeran told the world that he is taking a break from music. Indeed, he has kept his word, as his life as a public figure has been pretty much on pause since then. Before 2020 wraps up, though, Sheeran decided to treat his fans to a new song, “Afterglow.”

Sheeran shared a statement about the track, in which he suggested this isn’t the start of a big comeback and new album cycle for him. He wrote, “Hey guys. Afterglow is a song I wrote last year that I wanted to release for you. It’s not the first single from the next album, it’s just a song I love, and hope you love too. Enjoy ! Have a safe and happy festive break and New Year’s. Back to dad land for me now, ciao x.”



‘Jarcuterie’ Food Trend Puts Another Spin on Charcuterie Boards [PICS]

Move over charcuterie boards, there’s a new aesthetically pleasing food trend in town.

“Jarcuterie” is the latest spin on the popular food arrangement craze that’s taken over social media, and it’s all thanks to one creative small business in Northwest Arkansas.

Noble Graze began offering charcuterie boards in jar form in response to the coronavirus pandemic, and the phenomenon has become a viral trend, the company’s owner Suzanne Billings told Fox News.

“I came up with the jarcuterie concept when the demands for single serve options just keep increasing as Covid cases [keeps] increasing. Customers wanted the charcuterie board details but in individual servings for social distancing best practices,” she explained.  “I had done grazing cones but needed something more unique and practical but still visually appealing. Jarcuterie was the perfect fit!”

The first use of the #jarcuterie hashtag on Instagram was used by Billings in July. Though, she made sure to give her friend Emily McGhee credit for coming up with the punny name and proceeded to use it for marketing purposes after receiving her friend’s blessing.

“After my first post, it just took off and inspired others to create their own take on it,” Billings told Fox News. “It’s been done all over the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, and even Singapore and Egypt! It’s been so fun to start a trend and watch it spread!”

Since then, jarcuterie spreads have been shared on highly visual social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok in addition to several food blogs.

A jarcuterie spread can include all the typical finger food options that are found in charcuterie boards, including fruits, vegetables, cheese and cured meat. Or you can opt for a dessert-based one if you have a sweet tooth.

The trend is currently at its peak in search engines, according to data from Google Trends. The last two times the food trend experienced moderate spikes were in August and September, shortly after Noble Graze began tagging its jarcuterie posts with the unique name.



How to Decorate Like Clark Griswold Without Breaking the Bank (or Your Leg)

Christmas without a “Clark Griswold” house is like a night without stars. Every block needs a house so strung out it can be seen from outer space.

If that’s your house, you can’t control if your neighbors will love you or hate you for it. But you can minimize your expenses and your chances of ending up in the emergency room. (In 2017, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates holiday decorating is responsible for more than 15,000 trips to the ER.)

Here are a few lifesaving and money-saving tips to keep in mind.

1. Follow the rule of three

Sean Dore, owner of Mr. Electric, cautions against connecting more than three strands of incandescent lights together on one extension cord. Doing so can cause overheating and, potentially, house fires. “The rule of three stands regardless of the distance of the strands of lights,” says Dore.

2. Pay attention to your extension cord

In a November 2018 survey, The Hartford insurance company found that 44% of Americans buy the least expensive option when it comes to extension cords. Deputy Chief Jimmy Walker of The Hartford’s Junior Fire Marshal Program recommends investing in one rated for outdoor use, and never running it under a rug. “Extension cords can overheat,” says Walker. “If covered with a rug, any heat is trapped and can’t escape.”

3. Don’t use a metal ladder

Use a ladder made of fiberglass, plastic or wood when hanging your lights. Metal is a good conductor of electricity, and even if the electric shock doesn’t significantly injure you, the shock of being shocked might cause you to fall. The Environmental Health & Safety department at the University of Iowa estimates that 300 people die from ladder-related incidents every year. In 2017, the 82-year-old Canadian man behind the famous “Burlington Griswold House” died following a ladder fall.

4. Repurpose a painter’s pole

“If you want to avoid using a ladder, you can take the roller off of a painter’s pole and use the hook at the end,” says Jennifer McDermott, consumer advocate at Finder.com. McDermott also stresses the importance of having your lights organized and wrapped in a loose circle in advance, so you don’t have to deal with the distraction of untangling lights while working in the hard-to-reach areas.

5. Use the right lights

According to The Hartford survey, 31% of Americans who decorate don’t check to see if their lights are rated for indoor or outdoor use. It also found that 41% use lights or electric decorations that are more than 10 years old. “Indoor lights are not made to withstand cold and wet conditions and could degrade,” explains Walker, who recommends inspecting, and if necessary, updating, your lights.

6. Plan before you purchase

To avoid buying too many lights or making return trips to the store for more, take measurements in advance. While it never hurts to look on Craigslist first for a set of used ones in good condition, the best option is to wait until after Christmas when holiday décor gets substantially marked down. Shop in stores for the best deals. Most retailers don’t have enough leftover décor to list online, but their brick-and-mortar locations often discount up to 80% to avoid having to ship product back and to make space for next season’s goods.

7.  Use an image projector instead

Just because your parents hung lights doesn’t mean you have to. Projectors are not only easier to set up, but they’re also cheaper. For example, a swirling snowflake projector at Home Depot is around $25 while a string of icicle lights will set you back $35 and an eight-pack of replacement bulbs, $9. “Most people require at least 20 strings of 200-300 lights,” says Rachel Cruze, a personal finance expert and co-author of “Smart Money Smart Kids” with her dad, Dave Ramsey. Cruze also recommends projectors because they use LED lights and are easier on the electric bill.

8. Set up a timer

You could write yourself a note, but the best way to ensure you never forget to turn off your lights is to use a timer. Sophie Kaemmerle, a home and safety writer for NeighborWho.com, recommends the myTouchSmart Plug-in Outdoor Wi-Fi Smart Switch, $31, if you need the smart capabilities and the Woods Outdoor 24-hour Photoelectric Timer with Remote Control 3-Outlet, $20, if you don’t. According to this Wired article, Clark Griswold’s setup, assuming he used old-fashioned incandescent lights, would cost about $3 per hour to run. Leaving them on overnight, therefore, could cost as much as $24 a night. Or it could cost you your house. In 2017, a Tennessee home went down in flames after Christmas lights were left on 24/7.

9. Use LED lights

According to the Washington Post’s number crunching, it costs the same to run 25 incandescent C9 light bulbs — the kind you probably grew up with — as it does to run 1,800 LED lights. It is worth noting, however, that LED lights are more expensive to buy. A string of 25 incandescent C9 light bulbs might cost $10, whereas a 25-pack of LED C9 light bulbs is $25.Therefore it only makes financial sense to buy LED lights if you plan on using them for more than one season. (According to Lowe’s, incandescent holiday lights last 4-6 seasons while LED lights can last 10 or more seasons.)

10.  Maintain your lights

To save money on lights, keep your current lights in good condition. Secure them with plastic clips or Command hooks instead of staples, which can damage the wires. Try to take them down immediately after Christmas, and don’t just toss them in a bin. Housekeeping.org recommends wrapping them around cardboard or even Pringles cans to prevent tangles and broken bulbs.



The Weeknd Celebrates ‘Blinding Lights’ Spending a Full Year on the Hot 100

On the Billboard Hot 100 chart dated December 14, 2019, The Weeknd’s “Heartless” claimed the No. 1 spot. That same week, “Blinding Lights” made its chart debut at No. 11. There has been a year of Hot 100 charts released since then, and “Blinding Lights” has been on every single one of them. On the latest chart (dated December 5, 2020), “Blinding Lights” is No. 9, meaning the song has stayed on the Hot 100 for an entire year.

The Weeknd took a moment to observe that achievement, as well as the fact that the song now spends its 41st week in the top 10 of the chart, which extends the record it recently set. He shared a screenshot of a tweet revealing the news and captioned it with an emoji of a smiling face surrounded by hearts. Yesterday, he also shared the single art and commemorated the song’s one-year anniversary, writing, “Blinding Lights turns 1 years old today [heart emoji] it feels like yesterday….”