Billie Eilish Admits She Recently Learned ‘Picture To Burn’ Is A Taylor Swift Song

Billie Eilish has revealed that it wasn’t until this year that she realized that the song “Picture to Burn,” one of her favorite tunes from childhood, was actually sung by Taylor Swift.

The young singer added the song to the playlist of a recent episode of her Apple Music show, “me & dad music,” which she hosts alongside her father, Patrick O’Connell. The 8-part program primarily consists of conversations between Eilish and her father that revolve around music.

Talking about “Picture to Burn,” Eilish shared that even though she used to “love this song when I was” quite young, she actually “didn’t know it was Taylor Swift until this year.”

“It’s crazy. It’s very country,” Eilish added, speaking about the song. “When I listen to it now, I’m like, wow. I totally didn’t realize how country this was. But I loved this song back then because I thought it was so bad-ass. I thought it was so cool and mean. I just loved it.”