Stevie Nicks Urges Fans To Become ‘Spiritual Warriors’ By Wearing Masks, Staying Inside

Stevie Nicks called on her fans to become “spiritual warriors” by wearing face masks and staying inside to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

The Fleetwood Mac vocalist and songwriter shared on Twitter on Wednesday a recent journal entry describing her thoughts and worries about the pandemic.

“If everyone could just wear a mask and stay in as much as possible – you might be able to find this magical place I have found, in the early morning when everyone sleeps. And when you wake up, make it your mission to do all that you can to stop the virus before someone you know falls really ill. Because then, you will be too late. Your life will be forever changed,” Nicks wrote.

In an emotional appeal, Nicks continued, “We must make it our mission to fight the virus; otherwise there is nothing left. If we don’t get ahead of this now, we will live with such guilt and regret that that it will destroy us. You can’t go back. You can’t push rewind”.

Nicks, who is known for her distinctive voice, said she wants to go back on the road and sing and dance for her fans.