Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley Interested In Collab With The Eagles

Florida Georgia Line‘s Brian Kelley has revealed that he is interested in collaborating with The Eagles, especially with country singer Vince Gill performing with the band. That would be a dream come true, according to the singer.

“I know that Vince Gill is singing with them now, which I can’t even imagine. The Eagles were already the Eagles; they were already amazing, and then you add Vince Gill. It’s just pretty wild. Hopefully next year we can catch a show and maybe do a collab,” Kelley said in a recent episode of “FGL House Party Radio” on Apple Music Country.

Kelley said the Eagles’ famous “Hotel California” remains one of his all time favorite songs, as it is “sexy, it’s dark, it’s a vibe.”

He also recalled advice he received from musician and rapper Nelly the first time they met.

“I remember one of the first times that we met, he said ‘You’re only the new guys once so be good, work hard,’” Kelley said. “It didn’t hit me when I first heard that. I was like, ‘That’s interesting. I’m sure that’s some really good advice.’”

“But we’ve been doing this for a couple more years since then now, and looking back at that, it’s an interesting thought when you’re not necessarily the new guy anymore, and you already had that chance to make your mark and meet people and put songs out,”he added.