Halsey Stars In Budweiser’s Latest ‘Be A King’ Campaign

Alt-pop superstar Halsey features in Budweiser’s latest “Be a King” campaign.

On Wednesday, October 13, Budweiser announced a partnership with the multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter and social activist.

In a film titled: “Make Your Name – Be a King”, Halsey highlights her story of self-belief in rising from New Jersey teenager Ashley Frangipane to award winning musician Halsey.

“I was so honored Budweiser found my story compelling enough to recreate in such vivid detail,” Halsey said. “New York City often felt like a kingdom in itself. My days tucked away writing music in the underbelly of New York often felt bleak and hopeless, but they were colored with the fantasy of one day exploring the magnitude of it all and dominating it in my own way.”

She added, “I wrote songs on the subway that I later performed on a sold-out stage at Madison Square Garden and it was in this moment I truly felt like a King, in this once ungraspable city.”

As part of the global campaign, Budweiser and Halsey are collaborating on limited-edition merchandise. Fans can pre-order the collection at halseymusicstore.com with all profits going to the National Alliance to End Homelessness.