Ed Sheeran Ends His Quiet 2020 With a Surprise New Song, ‘Afterglow’ [VIDEO]

Almost exactly a year ago, Ed Sheeran told the world that he is taking a break from music. Indeed, he has kept his word, as his life as a public figure has been pretty much on pause since then. Before 2020 wraps up, though, Sheeran decided to treat his fans to a new song, “Afterglow.”

Sheeran shared a statement about the track, in which he suggested this isn’t the start of a big comeback and new album cycle for him. He wrote, “Hey guys. Afterglow is a song I wrote last year that I wanted to release for you. It’s not the first single from the next album, it’s just a song I love, and hope you love too. Enjoy ! Have a safe and happy festive break and New Year’s. Back to dad land for me now, ciao x.”