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‘Jarcuterie’ Food Trend Puts Another Spin on Charcuterie Boards [PICS]

Move over charcuterie boards, there’s a new aesthetically pleasing food trend in town. “Jarcuterie” is the latest spin on the popular food arrangement craze that’s taken over social media, and it’s all thanks to one creative small business in Northwest Arkansas. Noble Graze began offering charcuterie boards in jar form in response to the coronavirus pandemic, and the phenomenon…read more »

Wedding Cake Made Of Cheese

Costco is selling a 24-pound wedding ‘cake’ made entirely of cheese! Brides magazine claims Costco is selling a five-tier wedding cake made of gourmet cheese from around the world. The base is made of a medium cheddar while the other layers are a mild blue cheese, a drunken goat cheese, a nutty-flavored cheese and a…read more »

The Top 10 Comfort Foods of 2020

With all of the craziness 2020 has brought us, we’re all reaching for comfort foods now, more than ever. Ranker.com recently asked 64,000 people to name their Top 10 Comfort Foods. 10. Donuts 9. Fried Chicken 8. Chocolate Chip cookies 7. Mashed Potatoes 6. Macaroni and Cheese 5. French Fries 4. Ice Cream 3. Pizza…read more »